Life Without Cell Phones

Ah yes, life before cell phones. I remember that time.

My Freshman year of college I drove several hours to visit a friend and had to call them from a pay phone to get directions to their house. Those were the days. Ya know, before you had a mini-anxiety attack because you forgot a little device when you’re only driving 10 minutes away from the house, despite the fact that you lived most of your life without it just fine. Prior to everyone always having access to you.

You could leave and no one would know where you were. Between 3pm and dinner, no one had any clue where you were. Now we call that being lost.

Those were good times. I miss being able to be so disconnected. So give a nod to the time before cell service and feel the freedom. Celebrate with a phoneless 15. Go for a walk and leave your cell at home. Then, for irony’s sake, tweet about it with a #phoneless15