LastPass and What To Do Next

Breaking the News

For those of you who don’t follow this type of stuff….LastPass was breached.
First, why does that matter to anyone? It’s a good question if you don’t follow any security news, or maybe don’t know what LastPass is exactly. The short version is it’s largest company that allows you to store passwords for all your things online. If you’re like me you already see the problem here, but to make it clearer I’ll just say that 30 Million people use this service to keep their passwords safe and secure. That kind of treasure trove is like the internet version of Smaug the Dragon’s horde of gold in the Hobbit. You’re just inviting attacks, and that’s exactly what happened.

Wait But Why?

Why would you store your passwords online? Well, there are other alternatives for how to store your passwords.

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Technology keeps growing and it gives me hope

A while back I was looking into AI a little more heavily after finding some interesting use cases. Mainly two with Crisis Text Line and Bark. At some point I ran across Hannah Fry and her book “Hello World”. One of her arguments in this book speaks to algorithms and is a good understanding of ethics surrounding the creation of technologies.

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Trading Scalable for Happier Users?

I’m Agnostic

Full disclosure before I start. I’ve always been a bit of a Windows fan. That said I’ve also been an Mac fan. I sit typing this on my Surface Book while my Mac Book Pro that I use regularly is in the other room, my iPhone is beside me, my son is watching a show on our iPad, and my android tablet is in the bedroom. I’ve said it before, I’m a technology agnostic. Whatever you use to get the job done doesn’t matter as long as Continue reading “Trading Scalable for Happier Users?”