Health and Boundaries

Recovery is tough.

I’m just now recovering from a year’s worth of depression. No, I haven’t been in depression recently. I finally came up for breath almost 10 months ago, but I’m just now at a place I’d describe as recovered. I’ll go into more detail in the next several weeks. about it. Describing the why and the what of my experience and the how of recovery.

A Framework for understanding

My hope is to share the experience, not only process myself, but in order to assist others who might find themselves approaching or being in a similar spot. I want to make sure any of the hard lessons i’ve learned might help encourage and guard others against the same trouble.

The biggest Takeaway

Boundaries are HUGE! They’re absolutely the main differentiator between your health and your hurt. They’re what give you the space to take inventory and manage your feelings and energy around situations so that you can maintain a healthy balance and life in the process. I want to refrain from going too far at the moment, but i’ll begin sharing more over the next several weeks. Until then, a few questions:

  • What do you do to maintain boundaries around your schedule?
  • Are you letting things through those boundaries?
  • How would those closest to you answer these questions?

Technology keeps growing and it gives me hope

A while back I was looking into AI a little more heavily after finding some interesting use cases. Mainly two with Crisis Text Line and Bark. At some point I ran across Hannah Fry and her book “Hello World”. One of her arguments in this book speaks to algorithms and is a good understanding of ethics surrounding the creation of technologies.

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Trading Scalable for Happier Users?

I’m Agnostic

Full disclosure before I start. I’ve always been a bit of a Windows fan. That said I’ve also been an Mac fan. I sit typing this on my Surface Book while my Mac Book Pro that I use regularly is in the other room, my iPhone is beside me, my son is watching a show on our iPad, and my android tablet is in the bedroom. I’ve said it before, I’m a technology agnostic. Whatever you use to get the job done doesn’t matter as long as Continue reading “Trading Scalable for Happier Users?”

Inspect what you Expect

The past few posts have been about the reality that at any given point in your organization there are 3-5 big questions that you need to have fast answers for and be able to make decisions against those answers. The other part of that is enabling the people around you, specifically those who report to you, to make decisions that align with you. You want them to know your Continue reading “Inspect what you Expect”

Leading With Questions – At Home

We’ve been talking about leading with questions in several contexts of the last several posts. You can read about those here, here, and here. This time let’s talk about how to do that in the home. If you’re like me (which means you’re a crazy oddball who is only about 10% of the population), then I’m sorry that you get frustrated so easily. Also, in that context, leading this way allows room for you to grow in patience, since you probably won’t like most of the answers to the questions that you ask. I’ll come back to that.

Let me start with the big idea. Here it is…DO. NOT. Continue reading “Leading With Questions – At Home”