Pat Green at Johnny’s Outback

Some friends envied us out tonight to see Pat Green in Salado. He’s a talented entertainer and it was a great time to get out with some friends who we really enjoy spending time with.
Before the show started. The crowd getting amped up.

Pat opening.

Fun with Trevangela.

The Great Bull Run – Part 1

Time to run.

All banded up and ready to go.

Not sure if I’m horrified or psyched, but I’m somewhere in that zone.

Dude got pummeled…by a bull!!!

Break for lunch. Took a pic with this total stranger for the Stranger Danger challenge in my Failure Games App. Her name is Nina so I guess we’re not strangers anymore. #failuregames

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April Fools at MIS

Today is April fools and there were some pranks around the office.

My manager’s desk. Yikes. 931 cups.

Project manager’s desk. 728 sticky notes. WOW

President’s office.

And our COO’s keyboard.

One of our values at work is Joy. We try to live out our values in practical ways around here.

Happy April Fools.

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