Inbox 0 – Part 3

We’re doing a series on Conversatio Morum  about making email productive and getting to inbox 0. You can read more about those concepts here. You can see every post in the series here. Last week we got to Inbox 0.

The hardest part about Inbox 0 is keeping it that way. A few weeks before that we reviewed an app called Mailbox. You can read about that here. Recently, there’s another app I’ve started using called Sanebox. It’s great, in that it interfaces with any mail system. It’s a great tool and utilizes similar functionality. I thought I’d preview it here for you.

  1. Sanebox creates 2 folders Automatically

    1. Things will automatically go into those folders, if you want something to go there or not go there you can train Sanebox to know (we’ll talk about this later).
  2. There are three plans
    1. Snack (cost of a snack a month, 1 email account)
    2. Lunch (cost of a lunch a month, 2 email accounts)
    3. Dinner (cost of a dinner a month, 4 email accounts)
    4. Each plan gives you different options. I went with the lunch plan.
  3. Lunch Plan allows me to sync up to 5 folders (excluding the two automatic folders)
    1. I added 4 more folders
      1. SaneNotSpam (Important emails rescued from your spam folder)
      2. SaneBlackHole (Put things here that you want to go directly to trash)
      3. SaneTomorrow (Defer to tomorrow)
      4. SaneNextWeek (Defer to Monday of the next week)
    2. I also get 250 reminders a month.
      1. Reminder work like deferrals in mailbox where you set a date to be reminded, and it will show back up in your inbox on that date.
  4. You Also have a web portal option
    WebPortal1Sanebox will give you a Dashboard with StatusesWebPortal2Show you the folders that it is usingWebPortal3Link your account up with Social, Dropbox for attachments, and allow you to manage your account.
  5. Finally, you can also train email.
    1. Say you have something going to your inbox that shouldn’t. Simply move it to the other folder and this will “train” Sanebox on how to handle emails from that sender in the future.
    2. Say you have something that isn’t going to your inbox and should. Simply move that message into your inbox and this will “train” Sanebox on how to handle emails from that sender in the future.

OK. Well, that’s Sanebox. Do you have any thoughts? Questions? Answers? Other suggestions for email handling and tools? Let me know in the comments section below.