What Ought We To Do: Part 1

Here at Conversatio Morum, i’m always looking into culture for what needs to be disregarded, what can be redeemed, and what is a reflection of our Creator. Due to this, there will most definitely be some things that are said here that are more radical than others and you may or may not agree with some of those things. You may, or may not, agree with what’s said here. It may make you angry and you may, or may not, continue to read this. I’m ok either way.

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Facetime Lies 2

A few weeks ago I had a posted about Facebook, FaceTime, social networking and how it has the proclivity to trick us into thinking that we are maintaining actual relationships well, and starting new relationships well.  Ignoring the irony behind the fact that you are reading this on a blog post that was both Tweeted AND posted in Facebook, the problem is Continue reading “Facetime Lies 2”