Catalyst Dallas: Perry Noble – Healthy Leaders Needed in Order to Lead Right Now

Be Present Wall





  1. For some of us are in the middle of a situation that we’ve never planned
    1. Ministry isn’t going quite how we planned it.
    2. We’re a little overwhelmed.
  2. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan.
  3. 4 questions to ask if things aren’t going quite the way you planned them.
    1. What am I asking God for?
      1. We really can ask God for big things.
      2. Some of us are in troublesome situations, not because we’re stupid, but because God told us to go there.
      3. Is it all about he numbers?
        1. Yes.  It’s about the numbers of people who aren’t going to hell but are going to Heaven.
        2. “One of the problems is that we’re afraid to ask God for something big, because it might bother Him. God is not bothered by our big request. I think God is actually bothered more, many times, by our small faith.”                  -Perry Noble
    2. What am I willing to go through?
      1. God is asking some of you, do you want mild or wild?
      2. “The size of the vision that God is going to give us is directly in proportion to the pain that you and I are willing to endure and there are too many church leaders today going God I want to follow you but I want to take up my matress, I don’t want to take up my cross.” -Perry Noble
      3. Alot of church leaders want to pray, but not many want to perspire and do anything significant, but if you’re going to follow Jesus it’s going to get wild and unpredictable.
    3. Am I seeing Him clearly?
      1. God sometimes allows us to go through harder things so that we can see him more clearly.
      2. Shadrack, Meshak, and Abednego didn’t see Jesus until they were in the middle of the furnace.
    4. What am I willing to believe?
      1. Close youre eyes, face forward, and run
        1. If you stop looking at the problem, and run toward it, it’s not as bad as you thought.
        2. In the middle of one of your biggest problems in ministry, God will still call you to take a step of faith.
      2. “Then Jesus said, ‘Did I not tell you that if you believe,   you will see the glory of God?'”  -John 11:40
      3. We spend to much time trying to get people to listen to God’s word when some of us need to just step out and take God at his word.
      4. God used their pain for progress
      5. Everything here is temporary
      6. You are a temporary container and eternity is worth it.