Church Mobile App

It’s time for a guest post!! Here’s one from Bryan Logan. Bryan Logan is a husband, father, and computer programmer.  In his free time, he innovates.  These innovations may materialize as  activities with the kids, new/easier/better ways of doing things,  smart phone apps, or just funny blog posts. You can check out the blog he writes with his wife at or follow him on Twitter @BryanMarkLogan.

Josh has previously talked about the need for a church web strategy here, and here.  If you don’t have one, then you’re already behind the times and you need to get one today.  But what if you’re saying to yourself, “I already have a website. How can I get ahead of that?”  Great question. Mobile phones are becoming more popular than computers. If your website isn’t mobile-compatible, it should be. Pare it down a bit to the essentials (location, worship time, events, etc) and have the option to go to the full site.
If you’re thinking, “Hey, that’s great. But what if I want to a step further than a mobile website?” Well, the answer is, “Make an app.” Continue reading “Church Mobile App”

Thanksgiving (or Turkey Bacon?)

At Conversatio Morum we normally talk about church, missiology, theology, and technology. However, there’s this rule that since it’s thanksgiving, and this is a “christian” blog, that you’re now supposed to tell everyone what you’re thankful for in social media and on your blog. Yeah I know, cause thanksgiving was a holiday started by Jesus and not Pilgrims 🙂 .
(Relax, I agree that we ought to be thankful as Christians, since we have the most to be thankful for…seesh. Now that I’ve said that, stop with the emails already.)

OK, so here’s the top 5 Continue reading “Thanksgiving (or Turkey Bacon?)”

Productive Interrupt – Tutorial

A few weeks ago I posted on efficiency being part of our mission. This is a critical part of our mission.  I also thought i’d share some tutorials on how to be efficient.  The first one is from the featured image from that post. The image is a pop-up that my windows laptop gives me everyday on the hour.  It’s interruptive to my work, and that’s by design.  Continue reading “Productive Interrupt – Tutorial”