Homosexuality, Church, and Jesus

A few days ago I was on Facebook when I noticed that a friend of mine had changed their profile photo. You may have noticed the image he changed it to. It’s the featured image on this post. A red square with an equal sign. I was then informed, after a bit of research, that this was from the Human Rights Campaign and that it is showing up everywhere due to the Supreme Court debate regarding same-sex marriage. I normally try my best to avoid political issues (apart from with a very select group of friends), but since Conversatio Morum is written to address the subject of theology and culture, I figure that it’s appropriate and I hope that this post brings some clarity and is helpful to you as the nationwide conversation continues.

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Pause on Throwback Thursday

Hey all,

I’m putting a pause on Throwback Thursday this week for a special post related to the ongoing Marriage Equality discussions. It will be posted 1st thing tomorrow morning. The main reason for this is that Conversatio Morum is primarily about Technology, Theology, and Culture. I think this subject speaks into all three of these subjects and I’d rather do this sooner rather than later. This is something that, I feel, will be valuable to you and help you think through the issue yourself as you look at this very polarizing national discussion. Next week we’ll return to our regular posting schedule. In light of the fact that I value your readership, I would like to say I’m sorry for the sudden, albeit temporary, change. Thanks for reading!! I appreciate you all.


Multi-Site Church: When to Multi-Site

Here at Conversatio Morum we’ve been talking about the Multi-Site model of church. Today I want to drill down a bit on when you should move from a single campus to the multi-site model. The hope here is to help church’s that are considering going that route while also giving a push to the realization that this model isn’t for everyone, all the time. So here are some points about when you know it’s the right time. Continue reading “Multi-Site Church: When to Multi-Site”

Being Loved

Originally Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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Topic: The Romance of God

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Victory over the Darkness
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Here’s the point of it all kids…………..You ready?…………..God loves you!!! “Wow, big surprise.”(sarcasm added) That is probably what most of you are thinking. But that is it. We all think we know it but we don’t. Our actions disprove what we say we believe. Our actions show that we are always wanting attention. We are always asking “Does someone care?” or “Is someone interested in who I am?” The answer is yes. Continue reading “Being Loved”

Multi-Site Church: bigger and bigger to go smaller and smaller

Here at Conversatio Morum we’ve been talking about the Multi-Site model of church. One of the key things, when dealing with church growth is that once you pass 120 you’ve effectively moved past the point at which everyone in a room can know everyone else. This has become one of the milestones that “successful” churches must pass when planting. It’s the point that rules regarding economies of scale begin to come into effect. However, once you hit this point in growth, how do you maintain the ability to develop community involvement and keep people in real, life changing, intentional, relationships with each other? Continue reading “Multi-Site Church: bigger and bigger to go smaller and smaller”

Multi-Site Church: Economies Of Scale

Currently at Conversatio Morum we’re covering the Multi-Site model of church. This is a model with which I’m familiar and I find myself doing significant reading on. While reading something from Mark Batterson there was a reference to one advantage for this model being an Economy of Scale. Economies of Scale is a business term used to describe the point at which the growth of an organization has made it the most efficient. In terms of church, this is an interesting application when you put this in a multi-site church context. Continue reading “Multi-Site Church: Economies Of Scale”

Songs that speak

Originally Posted: Wednesday, June 08, 2005
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Topic: The Romance of God

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The End Is Here
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As an old friend and I were talking about following Jesus this song came across my mind. You have to understand that God speaks to me a lot through Five Iron Frenzy. He has used them many times in my life. So here is a song that I think can describe how we all feel at times about life in the church and with God.(If you’re a guy ignore the girl part and say a guy.) Continue reading “Songs that speak”

Multi-Site Church: A Strategy for Church Planting

At Conversatio Morum, we like statistics. Mainly because the numbers from them can help us see, in a general sense, where the culture is at and where it’s going. Knowing this is the case, they are also helpful when starting out as a church planter. The rule at this point is that a new church plant has a 68% success rate. This is actually encouraging, considering the previous trend was a 20% success rate. As a church planter, knowing the challenges and struggles inherent with starting something new, these statistics don’t surprise me. Continue reading “Multi-Site Church: A Strategy for Church Planting”