We Are Not Owed

It’s time for a¬†guest post!! Here’s one from Jonathan Jones. Jonathan is a Doctoral student, Worship Leader, and student of the grace of God. When he’s not being a musical genius, you can probably find him working, teaching on grace, or being that guy playing guitar on campus. Point being, he’s cool AND smart. That’s a 1-2 punch combo folks. You can check out the blog he writes at http://jonathanmichaeljonesblog.blogspot.com/ or follow him on Twitter @j_mjones

I was recently in the context of a corporate worship service where the people prayed for healing of a man with cancer. It is clear from scripture that we should do this. Nevertheless, although God is perfectly capable of healing someone of sickness, we are not owed that. Continue reading “We Are Not Owed”

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!! Random fact: did you know that the Declaration of Independence was actually signed on July 2nd, not 4th? Today I’m taking a break from the old Xanga posts. I’d like to take this moment to remember the brave men and women who have participated in the founding of a nation. Men and women who took a stand and risked, for something they believed in greatly. Continue reading “Independence Day”

Catalyst Dallas: Be Present One Year Later

Be Present Bracelet after 1 year

A little over a year ago I was able to attend the Catalyst Conference in Dallas. If you’d like to read my notes from Catalyst Dallas, you can find the list of posts here. There’s so really great content. The theme of Catalyst Dallas, as well as Catalyst for that year, was Be Present. It’s been a little over a year and I feel like it’s time to evaluate how I’m doing at just that. Continue reading “Catalyst Dallas: Be Present One Year Later”