Worship Style and Model Aren’t Your Problem – Part 2

Last week on Conversatio Morum we went into why the style of music and the model of your church aren’t the hindrances to growth that you’d think they are. You can read that here. The reality is that you can look at any model or worship style and see churches that are, and aren’t, reaching people. You can find churches on all sides of this that are, and aren’t, making a difference. So, what makes the difference?

First, before we get there, I’d like to state that I feel on some level we need to change how we qualify success. Continue reading “Worship Style and Model Aren’t Your Problem – Part 2”


That’s right, CHiPs. California Highway Patrol (i and s added later to make it sound like a word). That is an incredible piece of TV history. It was awesome. With Erik Estrada how could it not be? I mean, he and Larry Wilcox made a great team. Well, that is until season 6 Continue reading “CHiPs”

Worship Style And Model Aren’t Your Problem

Last week at Conversatio Morum I commented on an article from The Gospel Coalition. You can read it here. What I want to talk about today isn’t the article in particular, but really one part of the article. The very last paragraph made this statement

On a related note, the “worship wars” will become a thing of the past. Our society’s musical taste are too fragmented for there to be a “contemporary” and “traditional” style. Young people are less and less likely to choose a church based on the style of music.

As someone whose been in church planting for around a decade, this statement intrigued me. Partially because Continue reading “Worship Style And Model Aren’t Your Problem”

Thoughts In Trends For The Church

A while back (read: few years ago), there was a post at The Gospel Coalition site regarding 5 trends for the church to watch in Evangelicalism from 2011 – 2020. You can read it here. For me there were some very refreshing, and concerning views from this. While we can’t know how much of this is correct, (at least until we get to 2020 and look back) I will say that we’re three years into this decade and I’m seeing some of this come to light. Continue reading “Thoughts In Trends For The Church”