Top 10 Posts of 2013

Last Post of the year here folks. I thought I’d round the year off with the top 10 posts.

Here they are, for your reading pleasure:

  1. Homosexuality, Church, and Jesus
  2. Catalyst Dallas: John Maxwell – Lessons from a lifetime of leading
  3. We’re Not All Crazy
  4. Multi-Site Church: Economies Of Scale
  5. Light Up Sneakers – Better Than A Flashlight
  6. How Quickly We Forget
  7. Multi-Site Church: Be Technologically Consistent
  8. CRM – Choosing Right CRM Technology For Your Church
  9. Multi-Site Church: Tech of Multi-Site
  10. JNCO – Judge None, Choose One

See you next year. Enjoy

Ravers, Deadheads of the 90’s

Ah yes. Raves. Those were fun. You remember? No? Neither do I. It was like that thing that tons of people did, but I just didn’t get it. (Whatever it is.) Maybe it was because of the lack of drugs? I’m definitely sure it also had something to do with my lack of JNCO’s. I do recall all of the ravers were really nice, and didn’t seem to be banging on all cylinders. I guess it makes sense. Continue reading “Ravers, Deadheads of the 90’s”

Being Who You Are

In church planting, it seems, there are continuous talks around what qualities are needed for a church planter. It seems that, for a lot of groups, what these qualities come down to are the difference between extroversion and introversion. There are other qualities that are discussed such as spiritual life, personal\family health, etc. While those are always deemed most important in the qualities needed, they seem to go away quickly as if they are simply the barrier to entry in consideration. The thing that I’ve found takes up the majority of the conversation is Continue reading “Being Who You Are”

Changes to Conversatio Morum

Over the past two years I’ve been blogging here at Conversatio Morum.  During that time I’ve learned some lessons, and hopefully grown as a writer and blogger. Hopefully what has been written here has been helpful thus far. No, don’t worry, I’m not going to stop blogging. One of the lessons I’ve learned more recently is that, if nothing else, blogging has been helpful for me in tracking my thoughts and where I’m going. As I look back over the past two years of posts, there are a ton of things that keep showing back up and some new things that come up. I can see what I’m interested in and where I’m growing over time as it’s reflected in my writing.

With all that said, I’ve decided that in January (new year) I’m going to Continue reading “Changes to Conversatio Morum”

Worship Style And Model Aren’t Your Problem – Part 3

For the last few weeks we’ve talked about 4 surveys that indicate the worship style and model of your church aren’t what get people to come to your church, or keep people to stay in your church. You can read the first post here and more about the survey here. The closest worship got to the top on any survey was right in the middle on why people attend church and this is only stated as “to worship God” so it doesn’t seem indicative of style. The other interesting thing is that Worship hits the very bottom of the list for reasons un-churched people will either come or stick around. Another odd point is that while Pastor/Preaching is 90% of why someone un-churched would show up, it’s 38% of why they would stay. It seems the biggest thing to get and keep people come down to two questions. Continue reading “Worship Style And Model Aren’t Your Problem – Part 3”