Awesome App Review – Greenshot

Hey folks. We’re starting a new type of post here on Conversatio Morum. It’s Awesome App Reviews. We’re going to post reviews of helpful apps that can help you with efficiency, productivity, and mission. Today we’re going to review our first app, for a simple task that you probably never thought you’d need more options for….until now. Greenshot, is the most amazing screen shotting tool that I’ve ever seen.

I’m usually a technological agnostic. Whatever tech you use, I don’t care as long as it gets the job done. Also, taking a screenshot is a fairly simple task. So this may seem like an odd thing to be touting as a must use app, but it really is worth it.

First, it’s free. Second, it has actually made a very simple task, more simple. Third, after weeks of use, I’ve found that it gets better with each use. So without further ado, I give you Greenshot.

Print Screen or Tray Icon

GreenshotRightClickWhenever, you install Greenshot, it is set up to start automatically. It will start a capture by pressing the print screen button or the icon that runs in the system tray, down by your date and time. If you right-click on this you can see there are a lot of options for how to take screenshots.

  1. You can capture a region (allows you to select a square area anywhere on your monitor), last region (it’s like a screen shot history), capture window (gives you a list of windows to choose between), capture full screen (allows you to take the entire monitor
  2. you can capture a window from the list, which gives you a list of every window you have open at the moment
  3. there’s an option for imgur to pull the history and configure

After Screenshot Menu

ScreenShotMenuYou also receive a menu once you take a screen shot that gives you several options.

  1. Save your image
  2. Open in image editor (we’ll go over this in a bit)
  3. copy to your clipboard
  4. print directly
  5. send to any of multiple office programs or paint (I sent to outlook a lot. It will open a new email if you haven’t started composing, or let you choose between several windows that you already have open.)
  6. send to MS Paint
  7. upload to imgur (great for sharing via web link\texting to someone’s phone)

Greenshot Editor


This is the Greenshot Image editor, with just a few of the options it gives you.


obfuscateThe editor also has the option to obfuscate (blur) text if you’re creating documentation in which the words don’t need to be clear. (Think passwords etc for a knowledge base article or blog post you’re writing.)

Send Image To

Multiple WindowsOnce you’re finished editing the document, then you can select what to do with it. Under file there are multiple options. You can also automatically see the office options with multiple Outlook windows opened.


imgurYou can also upload to imgur from here in order to get a short link of the image to send and share with others.

OK folks, that’s all I have for now. This is a great app. I’ve actually even found myself taking screenshots more readily than I would prior to using this app since the barriers of copying to multiple software programs along the way are gone.

What do you thing? Is this a good app? Will you try it out from here? Are there any suggestions for apps you’d like me to preview? Let me know in the comments below.

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