So….This Is Awkwardly Awesome

Hey folks. Here’s a post full of both Awkward and Awesome. It’s Awkwardly Awesome. So I was supposed to publish the last of the Throwback Thursday posts in its current iteration today. However, that isn’t going to happen. So that’s the awkward part. Why aren’t you publishing the Throwback Thursday goodness? Well I’m glad you asked. You see, there’s an awesome part of this post.

Xanga, you remember Xanga right? Well, that’s where the original posts are held. Xanga has decided to do something and become awesome. Unbeknownst to me, they’ve moved their backend to some sweet WordPress awesomeness. Great! Right?!?! Go Xanga! So that’s awesome and changes my attitude towards them on a significant level. Now, on another note because of this, they’re in the middle of the transition. So that leaves me without content to move over for the last Throwback Thursday. So sorry. I’ll post it as soon as it comes back up. Hopefully next week.

OK, well, there’s something else that’s awesome. John Saddington‘s new app Pressgram was released today and I got my first name as my username! (I’ve been waiting my entire life for that, considering how hard it is to get Joshua as a username for anything.) If you have an iPhone and WordPress, you should definitely get in on this. So with that, you might see some photo posts appearing on here. I promise I’ll make them go to a separate page in the next few days, but stick with me as I clean up the mess that this may cause. In the meantime, enjoy and photos and throw me some comments.

OK, love you all.