Bible Project – Part 4

The last several weeks I’ve been writing about my blank bible project. If you haven’t had the chance, feel free to go and read the First, Second, and Third posts. Below here you can see the final product.

The Result

So the final product. Again, there are some things I’d do differently and I’m definitely planning to rework the cover. Overall I was pleased with the outcome and it’s function. Here’s what I’ve ended up with.

See how the signatures in the below pic are just slightly off? That’s why you measure your punched holes.

Here are a couple that are a close look at the binding.

Here are some of me holding a side and letting it hang to test the binding.

Finally to start using it

I created this bible about a week prior to us moving. So I opted to wait until we’d moved and then crack it open and start using it the week after on Father’s day. I’ve opted to use an acid free archival pen and am currently working through the bible over the course of 2 years to break it in. (I would do 1, but wanted to give more time to process as I’m adding notes.) So there you have it. My blank bible.