Exciting Updates at Conversatio Morum!

Hey all,

So there are some exciting updates coming on Monday for Conversatio Morum. Once is short-lived, the other is a bit longer.

First, event blogging!! Yes, next week I’ll be out all week to attend a church planting conference for the sending organization that helped plant my church. I’ll be posting my notes after each session. So Monday I’ll do an awesome app review, then Tuesday on through Friday (no Throwback Thursday this week), I’ll be posting my notes from the conference.

Second, design change. I’ll be putting up a new design on Monday. This change is obviously a bit longer running. This has been a long time in the making. My long-term goal has been to use Standard Theme as my design. However, I’m not ready to do that yet. In the meantime, our friends at 8Bit have created another them called Required that I’ll be using in the meantime.

OK folks. That’s it. So next week expect some great content being shared and a new awesome design.

Also, for a freebie, there’s a new upcoming app you should check out called Pressgram. It’s like Instagram, but posts to WordPress for you. Giving you full control of your images.