The Trinity – Part 4

The last several weeks, we’ve talked about the concept of the Trinity. You can read those posts here, here, and here. This week we’re going to look at God the Holy Spirit.

He’s a person.

The Holy Spirit is a person in the Godhead. He does a ton of stuff too. Without Him, it might be safe to say that the church wouldn’t be effective. He is the person in the Godhead that enable and empowers the church. He draws people to Jesus for salvation. He comes beside, is with, and enables us in ministry. He can be grieved.

He’s God.

He was there in the beginning. Not a created being. He helped create everything. If you look at Genesis 1:2 you’ll see this. It’s important to make the distinction that the Holy Spirit is God, and not created by God. Arianism taught that the Spirit was created by the Son and is one of the classical heresies of the christian faith.

To learn more.

A good book on the Holy Spirit is “The Forgotten God” by Francis Chan.