Catching Up

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Topic: Rantings of a lunatic
Hmmm…so this is interesting. It’s been a while since I have updated this thing. Well, I have told people that once i get internet then I will update. So i’m updating. This last season was truly strange and new. To catch you up. I graduated, started leading a d-house, got a new job, started dating an old friend (If you read this, you should know that your pretty great.), raised up new leaders for a new lifegroup, got accepted to ATS, and took in a, basically, homeless guy. That’s most of it. Well, that’s a good catcher upper.
Just got done with our leader’s retreat for all the lifegroup leaders and interns. It was refreshing and good. I’m glad it was so…hmmm…what’s a good word? Oh!! Yeah! Refreshing! You know what? I’m refreshed.
Seriously though, it was good. We got to meet with Jesus and not have to lead. It’s good to get away and not have to lead for a day or so. I look forward to doing it again sometime soon. I think my next retreat will be on my own. We need some away from everyone also. Anywho, so now we have internet. So hi