What are you doing at 10X? I’ll explain.

A long time ago, I liked knowing everything. I liked being the go to guy. I’d always try to learn as much as I could about anything, so that I could be the guy with all the answers. I still like learning, but for very different reasons now.

My first job out of college was for a bank with a billion dollars in assets. It was an excellent opportunity, I helped them rebuild their entire system from the ground up. I knew as much as you could about how it worked. There are skills I developed there that are still impacting me now. Here’s the other part, did you catch what I said two sentences back? “I knew as much as you could about how it worked.”

That was horrible. Not according to some, but according to me. You see, I had know idea how to work myself out of the role I was in. Yeah, sure, “great job security”. Whatever. That’s dumb. I’m more of a fan of Andy Stanley’s advice that “if you start every position with the goal of multiplying yourself out, you’ll always have a place.”[Tweet That]

That’s my goal now.

10X. That’s 10 times the size you are now. What are you doing at 10X? The question I find myself asking more now, is “At 10X will I hate what I’m doing?”

Usually the answer is yes and that’s when I know I need to stop what I’m doing and scale. How do I train others, how do I outsource what I know to others so it’s not just in my brain? How do I multiply myself out of my current role and into another. How do I scale?

What lessons have you learned about scaling and multiplying yourself over the years?