80’s Mane Event

That’s right folks, Happy Halloween. In light of that fact, if you haven’t found a costume yet, I have a great one for you…80’s Hair Band Rocker!! Oh the fabulous awesome of that! You would be certain to be the Mane Event. We’re dedicating this Throwback Thursday to 80’s Hair Bands. Ah the perfect mix of metal, leather, makeup, and neon…then add WWAAAYYYY too much hair. [Tweet That] the perfect combo to Rock You Like A Hurricane. It’s almost as if Elton John and all of Metallica were to have a baby together. 80’s hair bands would be the product. They were awesome, they were loud, they were…hairy. The only thing I’m not sure about is how they utilized all those pyrotechnics and hairspray simultaneously without someone becoming the Human Torch. Surely they utilized some sort of crazy dark magic to see that happen. Invisible force fields? Fire retardant flame suits drenched in pixie dust? Whatever it was, it’s amazing that every rock concert didn’t turn out this way:
http://youtu.be/lueiImwTtMIYep, we’re sure glad THAT didn’t happen.