Ah Yes, Afros. You remember those? Some of you may still have one, or you may have that friend who doesn’t realize that it’s not as stylish as any movie made in the 70’s would tell you. If you don’t have that friend, you may be that friend. Quick, check your head for a giant poof of hair!! No? Don’t have an Afro? Whew <sigh> that was a close one. So…about those Afros. The Monolith of 1970’s fashion statements. Ah yes, how we miss them. Their poofiness is missed at the Disco. Who am I kidding, the Disco is missed at the Disco. (See what I did there?)

If you do sport a ‘fro, as the kids are calling it, don’t get too easily offended by this. I don’t mean to hate. You are a bold person with bold hair to go with your bold personality and, more than likely, your bold clothes. You are a trendsetter sir! The only problem is that the trend you are setting has already been started, and is long past. So there you are, cut your hair and let’s mourn the loss together. Let this be the Afro Eulogy. Let’s bury it. Then let’s all raise a glass and toast to the life of the Afro, and to hoping it never comes back up. Because killing a fad is kinda like a zombie apocalypse. Whatever it is you buried, you don’t want that crawling back out of the grave.