ALF – Cute, Cuddly, Deadly

It’s Throwback Thursday here on Conversatio Morum and I’ve been thinking a lot about ALF lately. I mean, who wouldn’t? Everyone loves your plain ‘ole, run of the mill, cat murdering, extraterrestrial. Don’t they? Ah ALF…such a special show. Like ET, but better. Like Alien, but cuter, softer, furrier. Like predator, but only predatoring on cats.

OK. So ALF was a bit odd. Especially in a decade where the other shows all contained healthy families made up entirely of humans. Well, that is other than a dog or cat. None of them contained anything even resembling an ALF. I love that the show was so popular. I mean, how could you not love ALF. What, with the claws…designed to kill. Teeth…designed to kill. Eyes…designed to kill. Fur…designed to kill.

But, you do have to admit, ALF was cute. Like an alien Gilligan, just trying to get home from his deserted island of Earth. Or maybe that wasn’t it at all. He found a cat filled land with an unlikely race to enslave. Then he realized his cute furry exterior gave him an appearance deserving of trust. Yep my friends, I’m fairly certain that’s why ALF was so intent to “phone home”. He was calling to say, “Hey guys, no worries. This place is cool. Come on back, they’ve got plenty of cats. Don’t believe me? Oh, just wait. One day Alf will be back. He’ll just be back with all his friends and their death rays!