Being Loved

Originally Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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Topic: The Romance of God

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By Neil T. Anderson
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Here’s the point of it all kids…………..You ready?…………..God loves you!!! “Wow, big surprise.”(sarcasm added) That is probably what most of you are thinking. But that is it. We all think we know it but we don’t. Our actions disprove what we say we believe. Our actions show that we are always wanting attention. We are always asking “Does someone care?” or “Is someone interested in who I am?” The answer is yes. But that is not something that you can just say you believe and then you believe it. No, it’s something that you need to know in your heart. We all need the heart knowledge of that. Getting the heart knowledge is the hard part. It takes us learning, and unlearning, that God loves us over, and over, again. That’s hard. I don’t believe it, or else I wouldn’t continually find myself in disbelief and insecurity. In the same way, no one else believes it. I continually think I do, but then prove myself wrong. I’m sure we can all think of times that we do that. That is the key issue. God is always after our hearts. He wants us to know that He loves us. We all need to hear it. Whoever you are reading this. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. You need to hear that. That is you. You are loved. You are the beloved bride of Christ. So be reminded, just as we all need to, because we all forget and need to be reminded. You are loved. Be blessed. Later Dayz.