Check Yourself – Part 5

We’ve been talking on Conversatio Morum about developing the ability to gauge how you’re doing, how your team is doing, and how effective you are at accomplishing your task. We’ve described this as a Check Yourself mentality. We’ve talked about several different ways to measure this, and why it’s important. You can see all the posts here. The final thing I want to discuss with this is the need to experiment. By this, I don’t mean, make uninformed decisions. What I mean is that there are always things to improve, things to tweak, better ways of doing things.

As you grow and as you go further in leading, if you’re observant enough you’ll begin to notice patterns. As you read and look at what others are doing, you’ll have ideas, or see what’s working. In order to move forward, to grow, to see growth, change must happen. Success requires risk, risk requires faith. Try new things quickly, kill ideas liberally, new things will grow and you’ll see change. I would encourage you not to simply make decisions off of what you feel or what you think, but back up what you’re doing with tested data. Take the facts, pray about them, and then move forward.

Remember, the most important thing is at stake here. People’s lives are at stake here. Your effectiveness matters, and not just to you. Scripture promises that you are meant to be effective. Ephesians 2:10 There are big things at stake, and you were built for a purpose. The world needs hope and change and we’re the one’s who have it. The world will change and movements will start. Take Courage. Have fun. Impact Lives. Change the world.