That’s right, CHiPs. California Highway Patrol (i and s added later to make it sound like a word). That is an incredible piece of TV history. It was awesome. With Erik Estrada how could it not be? I mean, he and Larry Wilcox made a great team. Well, that is until season 6 when Jon became a farmer for some reason. 🙂 Really though, how could you not like that show? The motorcycles, the hair, the disco, they late 70’s? That was better than T.J. Hooker. (never mind, that’ll be another tribute later) Seriously, I think it made me want to become a motorcycle cop for most of my childhood because of this show. If you’ve never seen it, you seriously need to watch it. No really. Stop reading now and go to YouTube. Here, I’ll help. Go here. The great part for me was that my dad showed me a pic of him and Erik Estrada. It wasn’t like an awkward fan photo either, they were all “buddy buddy”. I even think their foreheads were touching. If there were any questions about it before, my dad is officially my hero.

What about you? Any fond memories from growing up watching old shows from the 70’s?