Exciting Announcement

OK folks, so I’ve been trying to decide how to do this and I think it’s probably more like ripping off a band-aid. So here we go. I’m going to start a new series of updates for Thursdays. Yay! Two posts a week!! These posts will be entitled “Throwback Thursdays”.

Here’s the story: back in the day there was a young blogger who lived on Xanga. His name was Beacon85. Beacon85 did about 36 posts. Now Beacon85 has grown up and has a new blog at joshbjones.com, but doesn’t want the old goodness to go to waste. Therefore he is going to post them up at joshbjones.com.

I’ve been trying to decide how to do this and if this is the right place for those old posts. I’ve decided that they can fit. Here is the reasoning and how it will happen:

  1. The content is slightly different from conversatio since it’s not geared to technology, but it is geared to theology and missiology. Because of this I still feel conversatio is an appropriate forum.
  2. Because of the slight difference in tone, writing, and personal nature of the posts they will all fall into a new category called Throwback Thursdays and I’m planning on making this its own page (like a blog inside of a blog)
  3. These will post for 36 weeks as that is the number of posts, after that we will see what happens.

Ok, that’s it. So we will now begin having updates every Monday and Thursday for the time being. What do you think? Excited? Yes or no?