Hearing God’s Voice

Originally Posted: Thursday, December 08, 2005
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I knew it. Why am I listening this? I know that it tears me apart every time I hear it. Tears. I love Jesus, but sometimes the lies and feelings that we have seem so real. Real enough that even sometimes the lies seem strong enough to win against the truth that I must acknowledge. Stories that I am hearing. It hurts. Hearing stories of rejection and pain. Then, in the midst of it I see Jesus. He’s there, waiting, wanting to take the hurt away from their lives. He’s wanting to give them life. I see people, I see God’s heart, and it is a breaking thing. No, the lies aren’t true. Jesus is real. Amidst everything, Jesus is there. He has conquered.(Rev. 1:12-18) He has conquered. More than that. He is our Father. He watches us, protects us, sings over us, and rejoices. He loves us. I’ll tell you. That is where we can find our escape from all the voices that pull for our attention. That is where you can find security when those things come that will shake your life. When your scared and don’t know what is going on that is where you can find your refuge. God wants us to run to Him. Let’s run to Him first before we go to others. Let’s look to the Shepherd for our comfort and protection. Not the other sheep. We need others, but not at the cost of forsaking Jesus. We must run to Jesus first. Even Jesus had to tell Peter at times that he wasn’t in God’s will (even when what Peter said had a good heart behind it).
Jesus knew His Father’s voice and could speak truth even when it wasn’t popular. (Calling you best friend Satan probably doesn’t go over all that well.) Why? Because Jesus knew the voice of His Father and that is where His security came from. That is where He found His identity.

Now for other things. I have a question for me for the break. I have asked this before. Be honest, I can deal with it. My identity is found in Christ, so I’ll be OK. Here we go.
1. What is one thing that you think that I can work on during the break? What is one thing that I should get better at?

P.S. Regarding the first part of my post.  If someone wants to hear a great CD about the God’s Father heart then ask me and I’ll let you listen to it.  It’s one of those that you won’t forget.