Jimmy Seibert – World Mandate 2013

A War for Purity and Love

  1. Story in Russia
  2. Revelation 2:18-26
    1. Top 3 reasons people don’t go as missionaries
      1. Leave family and friends
      2. Don’t want to live in want
      3. Health and safety
    2. These three aren’t for millenials(those 30 and under
      1. What’s holding you back is your given-ness to sexual immorality
      2. You have no strength
      3. Proverbs 4:2
  3. Revelation 2:18
    1. Wants us to see Him as He is
      1. He Loves us
      2. He is just
    2. He is for our good and sets boundaries so that we will be healthy and whole.
    3. As a parent the goal is to have a mix of consequences driven by love so that children grow up healthy and whole. We want them to have enough strength to help others and contribute to the good of others.
    4. We need to know that there are consequences for going our own way.
    5. The consequences leave scars, not death, so that we’ll remember and change
  4. Revelation 2:19
    1. Jesus encourages us for our love and service
    2. Compassion is rising in the Church
    3. The church as a whole is more aware and doing more to end this
  5. Revelation 2:20-22
    1. Our culture, starting with the sexual revolution of the 60’s, began to attempt to remove God from the equation.
      1. The first funder of sexual education in our country was Hugh Hefner.
    2. Pornography is the turnkey issue
      1. 1 Corinthians 6:15-18
        1. Opiates are released in the brain
        2. When released with another person this creates a bonding effect
        3. Many prostitutes have multiple personalities because their soul has been ripped apart so many times
      2. Stats
        1. More money is spent on porn than all music combined
        2. More money is spent on porn than all sports combined
        3. 11000 movies a year
        4. Over 100 billion
          1. 5% of all pornography is children
        5. Average age for a child to view the first pornographic image is 11.
        6. 6-8% are sexually addicted
          1. 60-80% is violent in nature.
          2. Number one googled message after sex is youth.
        7. Pornography justifies the buying and selling of women and children as objects.
      3. These are people we’re talking about. This is not just some moral argument, you’re using people. This affects people.
        1. 25% of women in pornography are trafficked women.
        2. The main driver of trafficking is pornography.
        3. We have Christian bodies, and pagan minds. We’ll wear shirts, run 5ks, and raise money. Then we go in the back room and feed the very thing driving this. We’re cutting our legs out from under us.
        4. Men: your no is her hope
        5. Watch the Her Hope Video
        6. Tweet the Her Hope Video
  6. Repentance is simply turning.
    1. Confess and repent.
    2. Don’t let shame or what others think stop you from coming to God.
    3. When the men lead out, the nation changes.