Ah yes, Lite-Brites. Those were fun weren’t they? Heck yes they were! I mean, paying $30 for what essentially equates to a giant flashlight covered by peg board and black construction paper, who doesn’t think that’s fun? Well, at least when we were kids they were awesome. They were incredible. A whole world of possibilities, turning every kid into a light artist. It was great! Especially all the little chocking hazard plastic pieces that composed the lights. Those are a great throwback to when things were fun and dangerous for kids. You know what I mean? Of course you do. Back before trampoline nets (which create a nice little death trail around the trampoline BTW), or participant ribbons, or kids being banned for scoring too many touchdowns. Ah yes, those were the good ‘ole days. Back when kids were expected to think on some level. And what happened because of that? Toy manufacturers had the freedom to create something as awesome as lite-brites. Allowing a whole generation of future digital artists to create electronic, light-up, masterpieces. Ah…those were good times. Any-who, David Crowder Band created a really awesome music video using a Lite-Brite. It required 2,150 man hours, 700,000 pegs, 1,200 Lite Brite images, 83 friends and 148 pizzas. Really amazing. Enjoy.