Louie Giglio – Wold Mandate 2013

Jesus Is Interrupting Funerals

  1. Jimmy is an undertow type of leader
  2. Texas
    1. Fall is a one night event.
      1. It’s more like fell.
    2. More Jesus
    3. Kay Dawson spoke out a hope that started everything that lead to passion.
  3. Luke 7:11-17
    1. Holy Mystery
    2. Lazarus awakened
    3. We can be in the middle of something great and still realize we’re missing something
    4. Don’t cry…He touched a dead thing. You don’t touch dead things.
    5. They did the good kind of cursing.
    6. God is back.
      1. He’s not afraid of your stretcher, you’re mess.
      2. Headwind against WM
        1. God wants to do something stupid crazy
        2. The bigger the headwind, the bigger the glory
      3. The story of world mandate is God is back, but your story is God is back
        1. Jesus main job is interrupting funerals.
  4. Luke 8:40-56
    1. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy
    2. All the enemy saints to do is put you in a hole in the ground.
    3. God put His son in your hole.
    4. Ephesians 2:1 – Sin makes you dead.
    5. He didn’t come to make bad people good people, he came to make dead people alive people.
    6. There is no such thing as a bad testimony.
    7. Jesus made you alive so that others could be made alive
    8. Jesus set you free so that others could be set free.
    9. God is back, and His name is Jesus.