Max Lucado – Grace

Younger Generation

  1. This is the finishing generation
  2. This is the answer to our prayers
  3. We’ve been asking for them for decades, and they’re here
  4. I’m more convinced then ever that it’s gonna happen

  1. John 8
  2. Prayer for election – you can access the site here:
    1. Unite
    2. Strengthen
    3. appoint
  3. Didn’t see an ocean till the age of 10
    1. God’s grace is like an ocean
    2. It just keeps coming, like waves, over and over
    3. Do you know this grace that soaks you down to the core
      1. Grace – God’s rumbling,tumbling, reservoir of love and mercy in his radical commitment to redeem a people to Himself with whom he can reign for eternity.
    4. Not just what Jesus did, but what Jesus does.

The Adulterous Woman

  1. Jesus Posture reveals his heart
  2. The woman had someone to stoop for her
  3. Grace is the God who stoops
  4. Jesus stands between the accusers and the accused
  5. He stooped again
  6. Woman where are your accusers?

Where are your accusers?

  1. Will these voices ever shut up?
  2. No they won’t, because Satan won’t shut up.
  3. He can’t take your salvation, but he can take your hope and joy.
  4. He’s the accuser and he traffics in guilt
    1. The prefered commodity of the devil is shame.
    2. God uses a guilt that brings repentance.
    3. Satan uses a guilt that brings death

The reason the story of the adulterous woman is in the bible is not to show you what Jesus did for her, but to show you what Jesus is doing for you.

  1. He stoops and enters your world.
  2. He stands up for you
    1. He speaks for you.
      1. There is no condemnation because Jesus speaks and stands for you.
      2. Romans 8:1
      3. Hebrews 7:25
    2. He replaces your heart. He moves in.
      1. When you give God your heart, He returns the favor.
      2. Jesus died for me and even more glorious, Jesus lives in me.
      3. Ezekiel 36:25 -26
      4. Christ in you the hope of glory.
      5. Colossians 1:27
      6. Jesus gives you a heart transplant.
      7. When God listens to your heart, he hears his Son’s heart.
      8. Paul over 126 times talks about the presence of Christ in the disciple.
      9. He believed this so much that he finally wrote Galatians 2:20
      10. “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”  – Galatians 2:20
      11. “God has decided that you’re not only worth dying for, but your worth living in.” -Max Lucado
      12. Grace is yes, what Jesus did, but grace is, yes, what Jesus does.
        1. You need to know that your best days are ahead of you.
        2. Today’s questions will become tomorrow’s proclamations because  Christ will live in and He is living in you
      13. You cannot change the world.
        1. He can through you.
        2. Your goal is not so much to impress Him, but to live in Him and abide in Him
      14. There are no lists on how to get grace.
        1. Just say ok Lord, you want me, I trust you, take me
          1. Become more a sponge, and les s like a roc
          2. It’s easy to get hard in this world that hardens us
          3. The difference between a sponge and a rock is that when the sponge comes out, it just drips.

Receive the grace of God

  1. Let Jesus Love you.
  2. Jesus doesn’t condemn you, go and sin no more.
  3. Grace happened here today.
  4. Let God’s grace happen to you today.