On a lighter note

Originally Posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Mood:  silly
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(it’s good)
Topic: Rantings of a lunatic

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“They won’t play this song on the radio,
So far, so bad, that’s how it goes.
They’ll pull our records from the shelves,
so far, so bad, that’s how it goes.”

“I thought i’d write an epiphany,
How something good is changing me,
but I guess we dodged some passing fad,
it looks like it’s so far, so bad.
So bad.
This song is rad.
…Uh…You could ask your dad.
…He won’t be mad??!!!
…This song is Stupid!!!”

-Five Iron Frenzy,”So Far So Bad”, The End Is Near

(This is not a mistake, I just couldn’t find Near because it isn’t sold anymore)