Organizational Health Is Big

I’ve been thinking through organizational health lately. Patrick Lencioni has a book out entitled The Advantage that speaks to this specific area. It seems that organizational health is big. The big idea is that you need a healthy culture before you can have a growing thriving organization. All the other things, knowing your burn rate, staying fiscally solvent, balancing budget, systems, structures, are important. They’re important, in that they’re permission to play, permission to get in the game. They won’t keep you there though.A healthy culture will give you the biggest advantage. The other things, most people can figure out, but the culture things, are so much bigger and almost impossible to know if they haven’t been modeled or coached. So how’s it going? How’s your health? Does your organization have a healthy culture? Are your staff able to speak freely? Are you secure enough as a leader to listen and let that happen?

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