Paul Richardson – Jesus is Worth Everything

Think back to the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through where you got more Jesus afterwards, because of it.
Would you do it again?

The iPhone has a specific design for a specific purpose.
We as people are designed to:
-Be filled with the Holy Spirit
-Hear the voice of God
-Take challenges from His leading
-Bring hope to the hopeless
-Live courageously
-Rescue the lost and dying

What makes you feel most alive?

American society has 2 core values:
1. Comfort
2. Safety
^God calls us to something radically different than these.

Matthew 11:1-12

John was 1 day preaching to 1000’s, then the next day he was in prison. Jesus response to him was one that said, “John, I am worth it.”

Is Jesus worth everything to you?
Will you trust Him?