Paul Richardson – World Mandate 2013


  1. If your dreams for your future do not require courage, then I seriously doubt your dreams are from God.
  2. Where do you get courage?
    1. Life requires facing risk and overcoming fear.
    2. Paul mountain bikes in Java and chickens always run on front of him when he rides through villages.
      1. Why did the chicken cross the road?
      2. Chickens can only run one direction they’re facing.
      3. The same is true for our lives
      4. Our hearts lean in a specific direction everyday. When something happens that startles us, or rocks our world, then we’ll run in that direction.
    3. Living life with God requires you to live a life that leans into risk.
  3. Jeremiah 1:5-10
    1. God designed you. He knows you best, and has a purpose for you that is wholly satisfying.
    2. Joshua 1:1-6
      1. God tells Joshua do not fear, over and over.
      2. He also tells Him how much He’s going to give Joshua.
      3. God gives Joshua a bigger vision and dream so that he’ll great his eyes off of himself.
      4. Fear is rooted in a focus on self.
    3. 2 Kings 6
    4. John 10
    5. For Paul’s dad, there was a continual yes to God.
    6. That yes lead to their discovery of the peace child, which opened the door for a whole people group to know Jesus.