Ravers, Deadheads of the 90’s

Ah yes. Raves. Those were fun. You remember? No? Neither do I. It was like that thing that tons of people did, but I just didn’t get it. (Whatever it is.) Maybe it was because of the lack of drugs? I’m definitely sure it also had something to do with my lack of JNCO’s. I do recall all of the ravers were really nice, and didn’t seem to be banging on all cylinders. I guess it makes sense. I mean, dancing for hours on end overnight has to lead to some level of delirium. Add in some ex, etc and you got a good mix for hurting your brain. Oh, but man, their rave wear was awesome. No one else could mix hippie garb and club wear like they could. All the flowers, braids, beads, polyester, wide legs, and hair dye. That was some dress like none other. I will say, that for a bunch of high school kids, they sure seemed secure about who they were. I’m sure when all you want to do is going to a creepy abandoned warehouse that some random person you’ve never met gave you an invite card about while passing by them on the street, you probably have other things to worry about than what your peers think. But you know, the ravers? They were nice to everyone, but were still their own group tied by a common musical event. Ravers, Deadheads of the 90’s.[Tweet That]