“Who do you say that I AM?”

Originally Posted: Monday, March 06, 2006
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Topic: the character of God

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By Clifford Stoll
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OK. I’m going to do this thing….I’m finally going to post. Wow, three months is a long time. A lot happens within that time. I can’t fill in everything. I guess this’ll be like starting over. It is time to start over. Hmmm…I like that. Starting over. Much like Jesus lets us do. I like that He covers and gives second chances and lets us start over. I need that. I know that I’m not the only one. I’m thankful for the grace that God gives me. Wow, this really is a new season. To bad it started really fleshy. Nothing big, just jerky, childish, selfish flesh. So many times I feel like Paul when he told the Romans that what he wanted to do, he didn’t and what he didn’t want to do he did. This makes me think of what I really believe about God. Why is this life so hard to live at times? Why do I tend to live so far from the edge of where I sense in my spirit that God wants and is drawing me? This is an issue of my knowledge of God. It is an issue for all of us, of our knowledge of God. It is the question of our lives. God asks us “Who do you say that I AM?” Most people can live off of the first question “Who do others say that I Am?” Off of what everyone else thinks and feels and says. But the truth of the knowledge of God being placed in our hearts comes from the second question. He is asking who we say that he is. What is our knowledge of Him? I know we say we know Him, but do we really? Does it flow out of us? Does it change us? What happens when you’re in a situation with no way out? When your on the edge? Do you trust God and jump, or do you run from Him and back away? What is your experience? Do you have the experience with God of His faithfulness that you can draw back on in troubled times? Do you have scripture to back you up when you don’t know what’s what? Do you have the depth of relationship to trust with your heart, run to Him, and be thankful? Looking with eyes of faith into seemingly hopeless situations because you know that they are not hopeless. Because you know the faithfulness of God enough to have vision when others don’t, to have hope when others don’t, because you know that there is one who is faithful and good to all. What is your knowledge of God? Just as Jesus asks us, “Who do you say that I AM?” Let’s all ask ourselves this week, “Jesus, who are you to me?”