Star Wars thoughts

Originally Posted: Monday, May 23, 2005
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Topic: Living in the Epic Story
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So as I sit here at my desk, with the tiredness sinking in, implications of Star Wars in my head, and Lord of the Rings music playing on my computer; I can’t help but wonder how we all fit into the picture of things. The last movie is over, now we know how it all fits together and how the events of episodes 4-6 came to be. We all know Anakin’s place in the story, as do we Obi Wan’s, Yoda’s, Qui Gonn’s, and Luke’s of course. In the same way, what will be said of our lives and where we fit into the place of things when the movie is over? What is your story? John Eldredge says that we all have a desire to live out a “romance of epic proportions”.

That is the point. We all have a story, completely different, and completely the same as everyone else’s. God is the great storyteller who has molded us to the point that our stories (the story of our lives) overrun and interplay with the stories of others around you.  We all want to know that we belong and that we matter.  Your own story is part of the great story.  The story of redemption, that would not be the same without you involved.

This is the conclusion, that we are important.  We all belong and we all matter.  We are the body and a finger, though it seems a smaller part, would be missed if it weren’t there. 1 Cor. 12: 12-31. This is the point Beloved.  You are loved children of God.
1 John 3:1  The great love of the Father has been dumped out on us, by our adoption from orphans to heirs.  Our very identities have changed and we are children of God, so much so that we have become unrecognizable and peculiar.

You are called Beloved.  Therefore, be loved, because you are and you can.