The beginning: Intro to my language

Hi, I’m glad that you found me. To give you a little history, I’m starting this site due to the encouragement of those around me, Jesus, and a lot of serendipitous moments. I am the youth pastor and a founding member of Antioch Community Church in Belton, the group of believers that I am called to walk with and love like a crazy uncle (you know the one, that one that you have but are denying exists 🙂 ). I, along with a team of others, have helped with the founding and building of our college ministry here at Antioch. My hope is that this site would be helpful, and an encouragement to the Church universal as it is called to engage a culture that is radically opposed to the truth of a loving and just God. Now with this being said, the main issue here is that there are words that I may use that will carry baggage. One of my goals here is to remain faithful to a biblical understanding of language rather than go with the misconceptions of these words that are preached to us by our culture. These same definitions are on the ‘Language Key’ page here in case you ever need to refer back to them. So let me go through and define these.

Church: a group of people that has been called out by God through the loving kindness and redemptive work of Jesus

Example: This can be everything form a few people meeting in a house over dinner and trying to love their neighbors to several thousand people meeting in a stadium to sing songs to God.

Theology: an individual’s belief system about God

Example: Atheists have a theology that God doesn’t destroyed.

Technology: any advancement that helps improve life tasks.

Example: To give you an understanding of the vastness of what I mean in the use of the word improvement, this can look a lot different depending on knowledge and access to resources (at one point this was a wheel). In regards to communication this could be putting your finger in the sand and making lines if you didn’t know that you could do that before, or this could be the space shuttle 2.0 whenever NASA finishes it.

Missiology: the study of how we appropriately engage culture with whatever we carry to those living in said culture.

Example: Everyone does missiology, even soda companies like Coke. It’s, more simply put, whatever you are most excited about, and how you share it with others.