Throwback Thursdays Are Changing

OK folks. Another change coming here on the blog. I have one more Throwback Thursday left to post. Then it will be finished in its current iteration. So the question comes…what do you want to see happen here?

I want to keep posting twice a week, the question is more of what to post. I’ve developed two possible options

  1. I can keep working on Throwback Thursdays and make it a bit fun. Something like “remember n’sync”? Then I can add some funny commentary.
  2. I can change Thursday’s to be specifically Theological. Theological Thursdays. This seems dry, but I think it will be good. I can talk about words like Expiation and tell you how it means that Jesus has taken away your shame. I can also add in some funny pictures of theologians Photoshopped in interesting places. 🙂

Ok, so between those two, which do you want? Please vote and don’t leave me up to my own devices. Happy voting.


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