Thoughts In Trends For The Church

A while back (read: few years ago), there was a post at The Gospel Coalition site regarding 5 trends for the church to watch in Evangelicalism from 2011 – 2020. You can read it here. For me there were some very refreshing, and concerning views from this. While we can’t know how much of this is correct, (at least until we get to 2020 and look back) I will say that we’re three years into this decade and I’m seeing some of this come to light. I, for one, am inclined away from anything resembling a politicization of faith. Don’t hear that wrong. I’m never against political action, in the form of voting. Also, if you’re called into the sphere of government as a Christian, then be excellent at your role there. I’m not against playing our part in society and I’m also not convinced that the legal system can change hearts. [Tweet That] I would rather we become involved in culture as missionaries than become embattled in politics as soldiers.

I definitely see how the face of Christianity has changed over time and the places it’s growing the fastest aren’t the U.S. We’re no longer a Christian Nation. In reality, based on a reading of scripture and what it seems is needed to maintain a sovereign nation, it seems impossible to have a nation that is Christian prior to Christ’s return.

Homosexuality definitely has become a wedge issue. On that note I’m hopeful as I’m beginning to see church’s struggle with how to maintain biblical truth while loving people well. You can read some of my own thoughts on the issue here. I really hope there’s a re-commitment to people and new forms that move away from a building centered space. I can definitely see how large amazing buildings will quickly become a stewardship issue.

I sense the polarization of Philosophy mentioned. I also see some willingness to talk through those differences from larger pastors. James MacDonald’s The Elephant Room is an excellent example of this. I even see some places where we are struggling through this in our own church.