Tribute To Trapper Keepers

Ah Trapper keepers. Yes, the amazingness that they were. Let’s do a Tribute To Trapper Keepers. Making you think that we were going to save the world, one 3 Ring Binder at a time. They were amazing. Allowing you to hold all the things. No. Really. All of them. Everything. All your papers, folders, class notes, tools. No seriously, they all had this great bag that I think was meant for holding pencils or something. In reality, you could use it to stash a tiny hammer. They revolutionized the 3 ring binder industry by making school supplies cool again. Wait….they weren’t cool before that? Ever?

Beyond that, the covers were excellent. It was always fun to see what kids would show up with on the first day of school. Would it be:

two penguins hugging?


Or maybe it’ll be swans a swimmin’!?!?


Or! Or! Or it might be some bizarre 3D world like this?!?!


Or even this one here?!?!


Ah yes, those covers were amazing. Weren’t they? It was the perfect mix of Cheech, Chong, a Graphic Designer, and maybe some ganja.

OK folks, well that was a nice trip down memory lane. Now I find myself on E-Bay looking for a trapper keeper and wondering how to mod it into an iPad case. So I’d better stop writing about these before I do something I’ll REALLY regret.

Feel free to post pictures of your favorite trapper keeper cover in the comments.