Who will you cheat?

Andy Stanley has said “You’re going to cheat someone. The question is who?”  In fact, he wrote a book on it. You may, or may not, have noticed that the blog has been dead for about a week. There’s a reason. Last week we had a difficult family situation and I had to decide how to handle it. In this instance I had the choice between my families’ well being, or keep my own plans. So I set writing down for a week. I also ended up postponing a trip to another part of the country and rescheduling a ton of meetings. Not a major cheat, but a cheat. I have promised new updates every Monday and Thursday. I’m generally good at keeping that up, but I had to set it down for a week. The people who I rescheduled with will understand and be OK. The meetings will still happen later. Those things were set down and I got over my initial frustration so my family could thrive. Anyway, that’s the question for today. Who will you cheat? When priorities collide and you have to make a choice, whose gonna win?