Catalyst Dallas: Rudy Rasmus – Our Call to the Poor and the Broken

Be Present Theme




Chris Seay, the pastor of Ecclesia in Houston had the chance to interview his friend Rudy Rasmus who is the Pastor of St. John’s, one of the most ethnically diverse church’s in our nation.  Below are the notes:

Rudy learned most about being present in his aunt’s food market on ailse 1:

  1. Lesson’s from Ailse 1
    1. Engage before judging.
      1. Most judgement comes out of fear.
    2. Embrace your pain.
      1. If you can embrace your pain, then it is easier to embrace the pain of others.
    3. Love before leaving.
      1. Love before leaving someone’s pressence.
      2. At the core of this is accepting who you are, where you are, and why you are, and then making the decision to go forward from there.
  2. 1 Cor. 9:20-23
    1. You’re the only Jesus some will ever see is misread alot to mean “You better be just like Jesus and perfectly moral or nobody’s ever gonna come to Jesus.”
    2. No one connects because they’re awesome. It’s not that, but rather, we like to put together our ____________ anonymous groups.
    3. What draws us is that we are looking for a group to walk the path towards redemption together.
  3. What has God called me in the place that I am?
  4. Rudy’s goal at this point of the journey is to become more peaceful, more loving, and to demonstrate with even more authenticity about what I preach everywhere.