Drew Steadman – Antioch’s Time Is Now

  1. Years ago we asked What if we, not only start movements overseas, but also started a movement in the U.S?
    1. We’re not an old movement, but we’re not a group of college students in a basement trying to figure things out.
    2. We were made for the impossible.
    3. We are at a shift point.
      1. Not will we have influence, but how far will our influence reach?
      2. There is a grace on us as a movement to disciple, encounter God, and send missionaries through the local church.
  2. Encounter God
    1. Heather and Dana’s interview with James Dobson
    2. Dobson was amazed at how they said Jesus “It’s like you know him”
  3. Discipleship Culture
    1. Systems vs Culture
      1. Other church’s come and look at how we do things and are finding that their systems are better.
      2. We don’t have better systems, we have a discipleship culture
    2. The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni speaks to this.
  4. Missions
    1. We’re actually sending people.
  5. Acts :1-7
    1. “To reach the fullness of the impact God has for us, we’ve got to raise up a lot more value carriers.” Drew Steadman
    2. We need to consistently raise people up and multiply ourselves out.
    3. Our movement will ultimately be measured by the quality of our leaders.
  6. Who are you raising up?
    1. The depth of relationship is from investing in the lives of others
  7. Urgency
    1. This is our hour. Antioch’s time is now.
    2. There’s more opportunity than there’s ever been.