Jimmy Seibert – A New Thing

  1. We are all a part of something bigger than ourselves
  2. God get’s all the glory, because He initiates and we respond
  3. Yonggi Cho
    1. The Unseen Realm
    2. Successful Home Cell Groups
  4. You can grow quickly, be successful, known, and be empty on the inside. Or you can choose the narrow way and have a life, family, disciples and a legacy that will last.
  5. God has an apostolic calling on Waco
    1. 1st One Thing Conference a prophecy was given about Waco touching nations
    2. Isaiah 54:2-3
  6. Just keep moving forward and hang on
    1. Both kingdoms are still at work
    2. Our secret hope is that we won’t experience the fullness of the bible. (speaking of all the problems in the New Testament churches)
  7. Hold to what God is saying
    1. If what we’re doing is based on our gifts and talents then it’ll never carry.
  8. Trial is never meant to destroy you
    1. Dig deep in the well when you go through hard times
    2. Digging deep is where you’ll find¬†fuller grace.
    3. Isaiah 9:6-7
  9. It’s a new day,¬† God is doing a new thing
    1. Isaiah 43:18-19
    2. It costs to build something that lasts. It’s in the details. Work, in the grace of God, at the details.
    3. It’s a new day, God is bringing revival and transformation.