Team Wins

Sometimes there are things that are so culturally polarizing, they create such hatred and arguments, that you want to avoid it. In this season where our nation is so polarized I almost hate to broach the subject. I’m afraid of who I might alienate by the next statements on this post.

The Spurs are the best example of team I’ve ever found. I don’t just mean basketball, I mean the best team. Now I have to address all the Miami fans out there, then I’ll come back.

A friend of mine and I were talking about the Finals and he put it aptly: “The Heat is a group of talented individuals.” This is the amazing truth of the matter. I got curious and looked up the stats for the past season. Players for the Heat are listed 3 times. LeBron is listed as 2nd in Points Per Game and 4th in Field Goal %; Ray Allen is listed 5th in Free Throw%. While the Spurs have one player listed. Danny Green is listed 5th for 3-Point Field Goal %. In reality, neither team is tearing up the list there, although there are incredibly talented players on both sides of the Finals. On the Heat’s end, arguably one of the best players in the history of Basketball. Even with all that, there’s on differentiator that’s key to who wins and who loses. Team. [Tweet That]

I just saw Mills hit the court and electrify the crowd by making 12 points in 25 minutes. That wasn’t because he’s an amazing player. Granted, he upped his game from last year when he played a total of 13 minutes during the finals. Granted, he just made 12 points in 25 minutes, but that wasn’t him. That was his team setting him up.

“If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.”

-Patrick Lencioni

A group of talented individuals won’t make the same difference that a team who are all on the same page will make during any given day. The Spurs are probably the greatest team of non-ego’d players I’ve ever seen.  None of them, by themselves, are the best in the game. Together, they are the best at working together. It’s like watching a Patrick Lencioni book on a basketball court. Watch Pop and Tim Duncan. This is from ownership, to the mangers, coaches, all the way down to the team. Everyone is in this for everyone else.

But it’s not just about the Spurs. The reality of team is true for anyone. Good teams who do the basics well carve up the competition. But it’s not just about the Spurs. Good teams will win in whatever industry. A foundation of trust, leads to healthy conflict, that increases commitment, breeds accountability, and brings results. [Tweet That]

So for all the Heat fans out there, you cheer an amazing group of players. I’m slightly jealous and LeBron, Birdman, Lee Alan, all of the players will certainly have other victories. Hold fast and cheer. For all the San Antonio fans out there, you cheer an amazing group of players that have formed an even greater team. It’s something bigger than just the sum of it’s parts. Regardless of the team we cheer, let’s all strive to make whatever organization we invest in a team like what the Spurs have modeled for us.

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  1. what an amazing post. It is so true. The spurs tie in absolutely made my day. Team work i.e commununity is so incredibe to the work place and personal life (call me shrinking ray)

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