God is Emotional

Originally Posted: Saturday, July 16, 2005

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I learned something the other day that I was hoping to learn while here.  I was meditating on what God was doing in my life.  Through loneliness and through hurting people I was in a way experiencing what God feels for the people here.  He wants them to know Him and is hurt by the atmosphere that cares nothing for the poor and orphaned.

I was listening to a cd before I came here about experiencing God´s emotions.  Then the other day as I was meditating on all these feelings while riding a bus and I saw a picture of Jesus with tears on a wall of the bus.  I saw this while listening to a song also in which some of the lyrics said:  ´´So, drink of this cup, and i´ll pour out to you, all of my life in this wine.  Eat of this bread, and know as you do, I give you all that is mine.´´

I was immediately brought back to the cd I was listening to before the trip and God began to speak to me about how part of what is happening is I am getting a better revelation of who He is and His heart for people.

The part of the CD that I was reminded of was this part.  ´´Our God is emotional, He has deep emotions…We have emotions, where do you think that came from?  It came from our creator, whose image we were made in…This is what we were made for, we were made to experience God.  To experience the emotions of God, to experience the heart of God…It´s not secondary, but I tell you it is our inheritance is to feel what God feels.  That´s where the understanding comes in.  That´s where the supernatural revelation comes in, is where we begin to know, by experience, what is the love of Christ….John 17:24  This is not some passive, ´It´d be nice if they could come over, and stay at my house for a little bit.´  No, I want them to be with me, yoked to me, lost in my heart, lost in my emotions, lost in my passion!!!  And from this place they pray, from this place they live, from this place they give; from this place they lose themselves.´´

This is what I am learning, is the heart of God for this nation.  That they don´t need money.  They need to know the one who gives them gold that lasts, water that doesn´t dry up, food that satisfies.  They need the one who gives them rest.

God may we see it.  May we know Your heart and know what You´re doing in the places where we are.